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Dec. 1st 11am-1pm.

Meet with new authors

Robert Spencer and Sue Kolm

as they both discuss their

first year in print.

Mystery Book Club, 2nd Wed. - 4pm
Book Discussion, 4th Wed. - 10am

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Friday- Coffee Cafe, 9-noon

 If MSAD 17 or MSAD 61 close due to weather, then the library will also be closed. 

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Librarian Nancy Eaton with the Waterford/Harrison 5th Graders.                               Presenting the Big Check to their Principal and teachers.

Photos courtesy of Emily Baker and Rob Ripley.

The most recent project of the Coffee Cafe' was to help fund Waterford/Harrison 5th Grade students attend the Lakeside Classroom at the Bryant Pond 4-H Camp and Learning Center this fall with a donation of $500. The program offers a "unique blend of inspired fun, practical outdoor skills, hands-on experimental science, and team building / leadership skills which help form the foundations for a lifelong appreciation of the outdoors." The curriculum focuses on five essential steps toward personal growth and an ethic of stewardship: Team Building, Outdoor Education, Sensory Development, Environmental Conservation and Sustainability, Self-Reliance and Service Learning.
The Waterford Library Association is delighted to support such a valuable endeavor and invest in further educating these children. We wish to thank everyone who comes to the weekly Friday Coffee Cafe and helps to make such gifts possible.

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